Creative Process


I was really lucky to pick a group who is dedicated to the project. We work so well together and the creative process has been so great thus far. Overall we have accomplished so much.

Two big milestones were:

1. Writing the script: Figuring it out how much had to be said and what needed to be said to get the point across best was definitely challenging. We conquered this challenge and did a great job putting the script to the index cards.

2. Deciding the video was going to be in black and white: This was a big decision. Choosing a black and white video is kind of risky because that is not the norm these days, it is very out of the box, but I feel that we made the right decision and accomplished it.

Two LARGE hurdles:

1. The background song: The song that I chose for the video is absolutely perfect with the exception of one big problem… It is copyrighted. Therefore we have to go through the trouble of talking to the band and having the band sign off on the song and allowing us to use it this one time. Doing all these steps with a time constraint is a large hurdle.

2. Getting together to film: We all have completely different schedules so finding a day when we can all fit everything in our schedules to film the full video is definitely difficult. Although I feel that we are doing a great job of trying it is a huge hurdle to get four people in the same room when one commutes from 40 minutes away.

The digital tools that we have used in class have really helped use on our journey to making this movie, because all of our editing will be done in iMovie. Overall, I believe that this project will be absolutely awesome and I’m so excited to see our final product come together.


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I picked Roots by Galdson

Roots is a piano solo that is very serene and quiet and intense all at the same time. Basically it is four minutes of just piano there are no words involved in the entire song. This would go really well with the project we are doing because we are trying to find a song that is very intense and draws in the readers without a words. Just the intensity of the music should be enough. We are trying to prove that the speaking of words is not the only thing that can get a reaction. It is much more than that.


I picked this image because when I saw it the first thing I saw was the words, “Nobody knows how I suffer.” This seems perfect for our assignment. We are doing a movie on dating abuse and violence among young adults and sadly no one really does know how they suffer, because it is more than 50% of the time no reported. It is an absolute shame that this happens so often in life. No one deserves to have to live hiding behind a front of happiness when behind it they are really scared and sad and crying to get out


Shockingly the video I wound up picking is actually from Day One, the organization we are working with for this project. They made this video during National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. I chose this video because it is the overall message of what we are trying to get across. Day One is a great organization that tries to help all teens when they are in situations like this and get them out of it and into a safe environment. This video really presents a united effort of what they do on a day to day basis and why we are helping them in the first place.

Silence Speaks Volumes


Our storyboard for this project came out so freaking awesome! I have never been so excited about a project in college before ever. This project is going to be so great. We have decided to go with a completely silent film. There will be NO speaking what so ever. The only sound in the video will be music in the background. To get our points across we will be using index cards. The index cards will be telling a very particular story. Each story will related to the individual person. We made our stories very personal and from very different perspectives. We tried to touch on a perspective from a different race, gender and sexual orientation to show that yes we are all different, but we are going through the same problem and we all need help.

After doing the story boarding we came up with a bunch of different ideas on how to mend the story together a little bit better than before and I think it will make the creative process that much better. After talking it over with Gayle, she is very excited to see what we are making and hopefully the movie will come out exactly how we expect it. The ultimate vision and point is Silence Speaks Volumes.


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Google Docs


I have worked with google docs a lot and have plenty of experience in the sharing and editing of documents. The was just another step in getting better at it. The more you work at it the better you get. I created the document on my own and then shared it with all my group members. We designated a time to meet in the document and talk about our ideas. Having this as a tool was pretty cool, because I never thought in college that I would use it for a class.

Once in the document, every group member chose a different color so that we did not get confused while talking within the document. Sean, who is one of my group members talked with me for the most amount of time and we discussed our project in great detail within the document and within the chat. Because of google docs, I was able to get my point across in an actual document instead of a text message or facebook post, which is really great because it is formatted correctly already and tends to make everything a lot more simple. The document was a huge help in figuring out what we as a group were going to do for the project.

My favorite part about google docs is it so convenient. I do all my emailing through gmail, so having google docs be one of my main tabs on the google website, makes it easily accessible. It is not my favorite thing on the web, but when working with a group project and you are all in different places, it really makes things so much easier. I am the only commuter in my group, therefore I can’t be with them at all times, so having a tool like this allows the project to be done efficiently.

Top 5 Midterm Blogs


In no particular order:

Anisha Kumar

I really love Anisha’s blog because it reminds me of Pinterest. If you don’t know what that is, it is a website for people to go to basically broaden their horizons in food, fashion, anything you could think of. This blog would definitely have an audience because people always want to make different treats for parties or just for dessert for their family. Plus, dessert is a guilty pleasure, so any new recipes are beneficial to those who are really great bakers. The blog was made really great and I think is very appealing to people who will be looking at it.

Sarah Curtin

This is my absolute favorite blog. I think that fact that she took a concept such as Weddings, which is EVERYWHERE right now was genius. I love everything that has to do with weddings and giving women the chance to have a blog to go to and see different aspects of weddings is awesome. This is a blog I would go to if I was getting married, because opinion in today’s world is number one. Overall, I think she did a great job getting her message across and making a blog that would appeal to a wide audience. GREAT JOB!

Jess Lentini

Jess’ blog is really great because it is very personalized and reminds me of a Food Network blog. When I look at this blog I think of a cooking show on TV and someone going through their own personal recipes and teaching the world to make them. As I said, I like that it is very personal, that she uses the name inside Jess’ kitchen. It almost makes an audience feel a sense of home when they would go to the blog, because they think of being in their own kitchens when reading it. The blog will definitely appeal to cookers all over. The colors definitely catch you.

Nick Ballinger

Nick’s blog is definitely a blog that will appeal to thousands of males across America. Fantasy baseball is huge and having somewhere to go that gives picks and predictions is a great idea. I love baseball and worked for SportsNet New York, who had anchors that had blogs just like this. The blog is with the times and would definitely be something that would be looked at by many, especially during spring training when everyone is deciding who they want to choose for their teams. Keeping up with this blog could benefit many people all over. It was made really well.

Maria Bonello

Maria’s blog is by far the best midterm blog in my opinion. She really made it look like a blog that could be professional. The layout is extremely appealing and everything about it just screams, I want more. The colors are perfect and the amount of photos of fashion, which is what people want to see catches the eye. This blog could ultimately be a woman’s go to before she goes shopping. Maria seems to really know what she is talking about and you can tell that she is passionate about fashion. Overall this blog is excellent. Probably the best of that class that I’ve seen so far.

My Midterm Masterpiece


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This week I made a blog about my dad’s business All Star Custom Home Remodeling. The website was really fun to make. It was a lot easier than expected now that I have been blogging for a couple weeks now. This class has really given me a whole view on blogging and what you can use it for. I never dreamed of making my dad his own website, I always thought we would have to hire someone professional to do it. I really had a great time making it. I made the header myself which was a challenge, but I worked hard on it and I think my hard work definitely paid off.

The part that I am having a hard time with is the photo gallery. It is definitely going to be a challenge getting the pictures on the blog and into specific categories so that they are really organized for the customers to find easy. The one thing I had a hard time with was finding a way to incorporate a screencast/video/podcast/game into the website, since it is a professional website, not for fun. The way I went about it was by looking up my father’s business on google and showing that there was no information and screencasting how imperative it was to have this blog so that people can get the facts about the business and have somewhere to actually go and see my father’s actual work and learn about him as a contractor.

I think this midterm was overall beneficial and not very hard. It will benefit my family in the end by giving my father’s clients a chance to showcase the beautiful work he has done in their homes and giving my dad a chance to show off his talent. The internet is the place to be, now that is exactly where he is!